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Development Land Corregimiento Buena Vista

Full Description

This is a great opportunity for the development of different projects as could be residential, comercial, or industrial.  Its great location, gives a property of this size a unique advantage!

1. The Republic of Panama is located in between two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific and its capital is the city of Panama on the Pacific side, and the second largest city is the city of Colon, Colon Province in the Atlantic side with only 60 miles between the two cities.

2. The Panama Canal runs through these two cities. Both cities have imortant port facilities as they host the world's largest companies that handle containers and distribution services.  In the city of Colon is located the Colon Free Zone with billions of dollars in sales every year. Both cities also have a highway that interconnect them in less than an hour. Panama is also a world center of business-banking services.

3. The property is located in the exact middle of the two cities, giving the special benefit that both the new highway that crosses through the center, as the Isthmian Highway by its side, an existing road between the two cities, offer a very important point to develop business.

4. The property is already growing teak wood important for exports to Japan, China, India, USA and Canada. It also has a limestone mine ideal for the growing cement demand with a an approximate potential of 30 million cubic meters. The whole property could be entirely planted of teak wood with an approximate number of 3,500 trees per hectare, which would give more than a million teak trees in 10 to 12 years and could be sold for a minimum of $ 25.00 per tree making more than $ 25 million, leaving the land safe in their total value and the large limestone mine.

5. There is a house with 5 bedrooms, other buildings, and different developments in the property for today's activities as it is caddle breading for the sale of meat which also generates revenue.

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Key Information

Property ID: 18625663
Location: Panama, Colon, Corregimiento Buena Vista
  • Land
  • Development Land
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0
  • £35,164,222
  • €40,493,120
  • $45,000,000
Short Description:

Important quantities of limestone for its commercial exploitation: 30,000,000 cubic meters approx. Thousands of Teak Trees for commercialization. Strategic location: 30 minutes from ports in the Pacific and the Caribbean; near the Colon Free Zone.