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  • 2 Bedroom Condo, Uruau

    € 70,449


    Marketed by : Dream Away Resorts and Residences
    Added: Tue, 24-Mar-2015

    Oceanfront Condos all with ocean views! A truly stunning and unspoilt location. Perfect for residences or as a dream vacation spot. features large communal swimming pool, pool... [Read more]

  • 3 Bedroom Villa, Trancoso

    € 358,760


    Marketed by : Exclusive Realty Brasil
    Added: Wed, 29-Oct-2014

    Ideal rental property with guaranteed 10% NET per year rental income obtained in only 4 months per year. Located in Latin America's most exclusive resort, Terravista, with 18 h... [Read more]

  • 5 Bedroom Villa, Trancoso

    € 883,373


    Marketed by : Exclusive Realty Brasil
    Added: Wed, 29-Oct-2014

    Marvellous tropical modern villa within Trancoso's most exclusive holiday resort, TERRAVISTA GOLF, IN TRANCOSO, private beach access, latin america's most spectacular golf cour... [Read more]

  • € 629,403


    4 Bedroom Villa, Trancoso

    Marketed by : Exclusive Realty Brasil
    Added: Wed, 29-Oct-2014

    Terravista. Unique opportunity to buy a beachfront house in Brazil's most exclusive tourist destination in the upscale v... [Read more]

  • € 732,601

    Rio de Janeiro

    5 Bedroom Villa, Rio De Janeiro

    Marketed by : Private Seller
    Added: Tue, 12-Oct-2010

    An extensively well modernised multi-level Ocean front Villa with views of the Ocean and neighbouring islands with direc... [Read more]

  • € 230,000


    3 Bedroom Villa, Guajiru

    Marketed by : Private Seller
    Added: Thu, 08-Jan-2015

    Beautiful two storey house with wide porch and lovely garden. 5.000 square meters. Easy access to the the long white bea... [Read more]

  • € 636,000


    2 Bedroom House, Brasil

    Marketed by : Arkadia
    Added: Thu, 24-May-2018

    Plot of land with project for construction of a Villa with ocean view, located in an island in the northeast coast of Brazil, Bahia, in front of Praia de Milionários. Al... [Read more]

  • € 309,180


    4 Bedroom Condo, Salvador

    Marketed by : DilmaRibeiro
    Added: Sat, 14-Jun-2014

    Well located, highly valued area of the city of Salvador where it passes across the Festival of Carnival, has a very large balcony and sea views from all rooms, balcony f... [Read more]

  • € 507,939

    Rio de Janeiro

    4 Bedroom Townhouse, Rio De Janeiro

    Marketed by : BrasilBrokers
    Added: Tue, 17-Jun-2014

    Magnificent 4 bedroom gated townhouse, with wide livingroom divided in three rooms, 3 bathroom, pool with barbecue, a beatiful garden with trees, surrounded by a lush g... [Read more]

  • € 331,265

    Rio de Janeiro

    2 Bedroom Condo, Ipanema

    Marketed by : Jose Guilherme Fuks
    Added: Mon, 15-Sep-2014


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