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listings of international real estate for sale in finland

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  • 3 Bedroom Villa, Munkkiniemi

    € 2,600,000


    Marketed by : Crape Oy LKV
    Added: Tue, 24-May-2016

    A unique tower house built in 1840 situated on a prime location in Munkkiniemi. The tower has been remodeled many times over the years and has got its latest appearance in the ... [Read more]

  • 3 Bedroom Log Cabin, Kuusamojarvi

    € 98,000

    Norra Osterbotten

    Marketed by : Crape Oy LKV
    Added: Wed, 15-Jun-2016

    Beautiful log cabin made out of deadwood with a sauna, located on the shores of Lake Oijusluoma in Kuusamo!

  • 1 Bedroom Flat, Pohja

    € 166,150


    Marketed by : Crape Oy LKV
    Added: Mon, 23-Jan-2017

    Only one hour drive away from the city centre of Helsinki the former town hall of Pohja has been given a new life as a hotel-like residential building.

  • € 1,940,000


    3 Bedroom Villa, Myllyoja

    Marketed by : Crape Oy LKV
    Added: Mon, 21-Aug-2017

    Villa Inkeri is a house designed for a family with an active lifestyle. The house is a mixture of old and modern styles ... [Read more]

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