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Building for Redevelopment Popovo

Full Description

This Commercial investment property is near the center of the town Popovo, Popovo municipality, Targovishte Region.
A compensation proposal, after finishing the building is also acceptable. Urban-planning parameters of the building: space of the plot – 9250 sq.m. Up until now, the existing constructed area of the building is: Footprint 2863 sq.m., Constructed area 4300 sq.m. After finishing the second level, the total constructed area will be 5750 sq.m.
Project parameters: It’s expected to be constructed additionally to the existing part, situated south/east, another 800 sq.m made on two levels and forming of the main lobby with the central communications. All includes a total of 1500 sq.m.
On first and second level are located CPS units ( CPS – complex public service units), trading units and service units with footprint of 650/700 sq.m. There is a new tree story section made into levels: 3, 4 and 5. They will be built for living spaces. The apartment units are with sizes of 65 to 90 sq.m. All in total for the 3 levels 1800?3 = 5400 ?2/ 45-50 residential units with size of 65-90 sq.m. All residential units are organized around the atrium with a higher lights on top. Maintenance floor on "Peak" height 6.00/7.20 for situating the Electric, water and gas installations. - footprint 1350/1500 sq.m. A Basement is to be constructed on the project plan, under the new part. It is for making of new business and service rooms with total size of around 650/700 sq. m. The parameters of the building after including the additionally constructed areas and finalizing of the entire vision of the Complex: - footprint are: 2863 + 800 =3650/3800 sq.m. - total constructed area: 5750 +1500 +5400 +1350 +750 =14 750/ 15 000 sq.m. Additional building up, as a part of the development of the plot: It is planed building an underground car parking on 2 levels for providing with the necessary parking - zone for the tenants ...... / around 70 parking spaces. Servicing the 2 levels of the parking will be provided by a underground communication, running under part of the building with rough area of 500 sq.m. Footprint 850/900 sq.m total constructed area of 1800+500 = 2300 sq.m. Setting up area for sport and relax: tennis court and 2 pools in total of 1200 sq.m. The total constructed area for additional building up is: 3500 sq.m. Total parameters for the entire complex footprint of 5000 sq.m and total constructed area of 18500 sq.m.

Electricity; Water supply; Main drains; Fence; Internet; Telephone, Cable TV; CGH

Distance to:
Capital city Sofia: 290 km / 180.09 miles
Sea capital city Varna: 153 km / 95.01 miles
Burgas city: 184 km / 114.26 miles
Black sea and sea resorts: 153 km / 95.01 miles
The International Airport: 160 km / 99.36 miles

Price: 1.000.000 Euros   (731.000 GBP)

166.67 Euro/sq.m.
Area: 6.000 sq.m.
Payment plan over 7 years.


Key Information

Property ID: 23053046
Location: Bulgaria, Turgovishte, Obshtina Popovo, Popovo
  • Commercial
  • Building for Redevelopment
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0
  • £879,380
  • €1,000,000
  • $1,126,000
Short Description:

This Commercial investment property is near the center of the town Popovo, Popovo municipality, Targovishte Region.