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listings of international real estate for sale in costa rica

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  • 5 Bedroom Villa, Grecia

    € 1,129,750


    Marketed by : Arkadia
    Added: Mon, 18-Sep-2017

    Exquisite Luxury Mountain Home in Grecia, Costa Rica, Turn Key Euroresales Property ID a€;“ 9824152 Property information: A Fully furnished 1.7 acre luxury estate is located in... [Read more]

  • Leisure Property, Alajuela

    € 2,989,664


    Marketed by : AuctionPoint2013
    Added: Thu, 23-May-2013

    Villas del Rey Resort is located near the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica with easy access to the capital San Jose and its international airport, and just 10 minutes from t... [Read more]

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